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Antique winery in Spain with clay vessels terracotta amphora  pots Mediterranean tradition

Get to know us...

What's in a name?

An ‘amphora’ is a clay vessel used in traditional wine making practices, providing the optimal environment for wines to ferment and age into the perfect drop.


We chose the name to reflect the core values of our business: security, reliability and growth. They also represent the 'old world' ways of doing things and we like to think we take a similar approach with our clients; building strong, long-term relationships isn't something that happens quickly.

Our principal Financial Advisers, Ry Stanes and John Guthrie have over 40 years combined experience in the industry, and both employ these foundational values to achieve the same goal; the optimal outcome for our clients.

Ry Stanes

Director & Principal Financial Adviser

During his 19 years as a Financial Planner, Ry Stanes has earnt a reputation for integrity and straight shooting with everyone he works with.  Working directly with clients at all stages of life to solve their unique financial problems is what Ry loves most about his role.

 “What I pride myself on is the ability to break down complex concepts so that clients can easily absorb them. They walk out of our meetings with confidence and with a clear idea of the plan ahead.”


Ry builds solid, long-term relationships with clients by always putting their needs first.  He provides expert advice in superannuation, personal insurance, portfolio management, estate planning and retirement.

P: 0457 277 762 

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John Guthrie

Director & Principal Financial Adviser

John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked as a Financial Planner for 16 years.  John demonstrates his skill and expertise while upholding his professional obligations for his clients and taking the time to get to know them and their families to achieve their financial goals. 

“I enjoy building relationships for the long term. Gaining trust is earned by excellent conduct, acting with integrity and honesty with each and every client”.  

John is able to provide holistic advice which includes superannuation, retirement planning, portfolio management, financial modelling, personal insurance and estate planning. 


John has three children and enjoys an active family lifestyle. He believes that like your health your finances also need to be in good shape to succeed and ensure lifelong security. 

P: 0418 527 861

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